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TPG factoryTPGOG was established to offer/provide to the oil and gas and energy sector worldwide, Proven Reliable Solutions based on the groups award winning turnkey capabilities and 30 years experience. The culture at TPGOG  will encompass the groups philosophy, where product development, reliability, integrity and customers satisfaction will ensure a reliable solution is delivered and commissioned.

TPGOG engineering team coupled with a fully equipped fabrication yard based in TPG will be able to fabricate packaged solutions, custom piping and thermal optimization solutions, the systems will be fabricated to meet oil and gas and standards, and specific customers requirements.

From Conceptual to the commission stage, TPGOG will be able to provide innovate reliable cost effective solutions and single source accountability till commissioning of systems offshore or onshore of trouble systems.

TPGOG believes in the human potential for innovation and discovery, TPGOG nurtures this human potential in the team, providing the platform and training for knowledge based viable solutions, and continues sustainable growth.

TPGOG strives in providing PROVEN reliable Solutions.

Our Capabilities

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    • In-house Engineering/Design team comprising of experienced personnel in relevant disciplines, mechanical, electrical, process etc
    • Engineering/Design is only outsourced when it involves proprietary or patented designs or requested by end user
    • Project management team for expediting awarded or ongoing projects, this team will provide documentation requirements to client and project updates 
    • Package Managers will be involved from the initial bid to the fabrication and commissioning of systems
    • Fabrication Project Lead will be managing the hand on fabrication of systems to meet the required process and delivery deadlines

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    Fabrication facilities

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    Business Development