hiTRAN Thermal Systems

Calgavin: hiTRAN Thermal Systems - Enhancing Performance & Solving Problems of Tubular Heat Exchangers

hiTRAN Thermal Enhancement System substantially increase tube-side heat transfer by changing the fluid dynamics. Installed in more than 16,000 exchangers worldwide, these systems deliver the following technical and economic benefits:

  • Increased heat transfer co-efficient
  • Increased production and longer run times
  • Reduced processing and maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced reaction, deposition and crystallisation fouling
  • Improved products quality
  • Increased plant operability
  • Lighter more compact designs
  • Lower cost of new plant


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hiTRAN Thermal Systems

hiTRAN Thermal Systems offer significant enhancement for tube-side heat transfer as an easily installed solution for new or retrofitted tubular heat exchangers.


hiTRAN systems is a type of wire matrix turbulator that offers the greatest benefit for laminar and transitional flow regimes where the heat transfer coefficient can be increased up to 16x. Whilst there is an associated increase in pressure loss for the same flow conditions, judicious application will allow most suitable cases significant benefit without an overall increase in pressure loss. For fully turbulent flow, increase in heat transfer is still available. However the application is only effective if there is sufficient pressure drop.

Benefits of hiTRAN

  • Fouling Mitigation
  • Reducing Maldistribution
  • Saving Energy
  • Improving Heat Exchanger Performance
  • Predictable Turndown



hiTRAN Matrix Elements consists of a unique wire frame matrix,  which is designed to promote fluid mixing and improve tube-side heat and mass transfer.


When fluid flows through a plain tube the fluid nearest the wall is subjected to frictional drag, which has the effect of slowing down the fluid at the wall. This laminar boundary layer can significantly reduce the tube side heat transfer coefficient and consequently, the performance of the heat exchanger.

By using hiTRAN elements in the tube the laminar boundary layer will be disrupted, creating additional fluid shear and mixing, thereby minimizing the effects of frictional drag.

hiTRAN Matrix Elements are particularly effective at enhancing heat transfer efficiency in a plain tube design operating at low Reynolds Numbers (laminar to transitional flow). Although the heat transfer increase is greatest in the laminar flow region (up to 16 times), significant benefits can be obtained in the transitional flow regime (up to 12 times) and turbulent flow regime (up to 3 times.) In fact, CALGAVIN have installed hiTRAN Thermal Systems in heat exchangers operating between Reynolds numbers 1 to over 100,000.

Whilst there is an increase in frictional resistance associated with hiTRAN Systems, the degree of enhancement is such that solutions can be found which offer increased heat transfer at equivalent or lower pressure drop compared to plain tube.





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